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Is your Bathroom Boring – Bathroom Themes to the rescue

What does your bathroom theme/style say about you? Does it reflect peace, calmness, or maybe a modern design that is very minimal. Maybe you have a love for classical design and use lots of wood, marble and dark patinas. Taste change, so do popular themes and you can see these changes by visiting older houses that have retro tiles in bright pink or even shag carpets in the bathroom (weird yeah). But with a little thought and some design ideas you can transform your bathroom into a themed oasis today! The following themed ideas should get your creative juices flowing and at least show you some possibilities in your bathroom – if you have shag carpet; it might be time to update your bathroom flooring.

1. A Girly Hello Kitty Bathroom
Image via: cotto catalog

2. Dazzling American Style Bathroom
Image via: home designing

3. A Charismatic Moroccan Bathroom
Image via: houzz

4. Serene Beach Themed Bathrooms
Image via: southern living , bk show place

5. A Unique Bathroom with Farmhouse Inspiration
Image via: home designing